Monday, December 1, 2008

Thankful Thanksgiving

This is a pic of Jackson's bum, a friend from work got this as a gift for him and he was finally able to fit into it yesterday. I think it's pretty darn cute myself.
Happy Thanksgiving!

Here's the latest of the little man, Nathan Jr.

I love this picture of Hailee, she's just too adorable. When did she get so big? It wasn't the best photo astetichally speaking, those are Nathan's legs behind her but it was a quick shot.

Hailee was helping me put up Christmas in the house and she decided that hers and Jackson's stockings would be great socks!


mrs.fitz said...

that is a great picture of hailee, you can totally crop out nathan's shoes! :)

Shannon said...

hey, Courtney! Just found your blog through Leslie's. Your kids are precious!